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Rams joyfully remind Russell Wilson of unfortunate pregame tweet

Get out the recovery water.

The Rams beat the Seahawks on Sunday in overtime during an exciting game to kick off the NFL season. But before the game ever kicked off, Russell Wilson decided to make a bold prediction:

And after the game, the Rams were more than happy to remind him of his words:

Well done, Rams. And of course, the rest of the internet was there too:

After the game, Wilson clarified some on Twitter, saying it's Seattle's goal to go 1-0 every week. He's tweeted the same thing a number of times throughout his career and it was less of a prediction and more of a mentality. That didn't keep the Rams and their fans from enjoying it. Wide receiver Benny Cunningham may have been referencing Wilson as he shouted "retweet that!" after the game:

Wilson, ever the diplomat, had this to say:

* * *

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