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Marshawn Lynch's mom wants the Seahawks' offensive coordinator fired

Delisa Lynch is not happy. Hours after the Seahawks lost to St. Louis she was fuming over statements and jokes made about her son Marshawn failing to successfully run in overtime against the Rams, and how the decision in the Super Bowl made sense after seeing Beast Mode fail. On Monday she took to Facebook to unleash a tirade against Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.

marshawns mom

The post has since been deleted, but the Seattle Times saved a copy for posterity. She's not wrong about Russell Wilson being sacked a lot -- he was taken down six times. However, the Seahawks were playing arguably the best defensive line in the NFL. This happens.

While Lynch was far from his most effective, he ran well for much of the game, finishing with a 4.2 yard-per-carry average. Nothing to sneeze at against the Rams. In terms of the offensive play-calling being bad, well, Seattle did finish with 343 yards of total offense. Nothing to sneeze at either.

You can't hate a mother for protecting her son, though.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll brushed the Facebook message aside pretty diplomatically (via the Seattle Times):

Carroll said he hadn't seen it but that it's "a mom looking after her kid. Ain't nothing wrong with that."

"There's a lot of passion with our following and the 12s and with the family members. Think where media is today. It's kind of your guys' world. But anyway. Just something that I'm sure she has strong feelings and I don't blame her for having strong feels. She's a mom."

Moms will be moms. That's that.

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