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James Harden's first Adidas commercial should be him drunkenly hollering at a TMZ reporter


James Harden went to a club, and it is possible he had an alcoholic beverage or two. TMZ intercepted him on his way out and asked about Adidas, who yesterday ordered Harden, who signed a 13-year, $200 million deal with Adidas last month, to stop wearing Nike Air Jordans in public. He had some things, and some sounds, to say.

Asked if Adidas is still mad at him, Harden replies, "I got $200 million! That was me!"

It was him. This is verifiably true.

"Adidas is about to be amazing!" he continues.

It might be!

"SWAG!" Harden concludes. "SWERRELELALEIIRBBB!"

(via TMZ)