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Rudy Gobert, Ricky Rubio trade Twitter barbs after Spain-France game

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The NBA season is still over a month away, but we've already got some players from Spain and France in midseason tweeting form after a thriller at Eurobasket.

For those of you not hip to international basketball, Eurobasket is a qualifying tournament for the Olympics where Europe's top national teams face off and the two teams that make the final automatically qualify for the 2016 Olympics. Spain and France played for one of the qualifying spots on Thursday. Spain advanced thanks to a 40-point performance from Pau Gasol.

But this game wasn't just intense because of the high stakes. Spain and France have a long, bitter rivalry with each other that's ramped up in recent years thanks to some high-profile games and Nicolas Batum punching a Spanish player below the belt at the 2012 Olympics.

Thankfully, no punches were thrown during or after this one, but there were some mean tweets. Let's start with Rudy Gobert:

Rudy Gobert Tweet

Ricky Rubio responded by linking to a tweet from Nicolas Batum:

Rubio Batum Tweet

Which seems all nice and sportsmanlike until you realize he's setting up a beautiful assist to himself:

Rubio Gobert Tweet


To recap: Ricky Rubio just used Nicolas Batum, who let's not forget, punched Rubio's former teammate in the groin, to publicly shame Rudy Gobert.

The best part is that Batum was just as angry about the officials as Gobert. Here's what he said after the game:

"I do not like talking about officiating, but Pau Gasol gets protected a bit too much. This is sport, this is how it is. We will never get respect and they will always be the kings of the world."

French coach Vincent Collet agreed:

"Pau is a great player, but he can't shoot 18 free throws, while France didn't shot not even one in the first half. There were different kind of calls. He's a huge player, he has an amazing tournament, but you can't get all this calls and all the other players not getting anything. FIBA should do something about it".

Leave it to Spain coach Sergio Scariolo to have the last word:

"The worst thing you can do after this kind of defeat is to blame the referees. I never done it in my career. I understand that when you lose in front of 27.000 fans, you think that you have Spain down, which is playing with half its players, you have to say something. I don't agree with this and this kind of ethics. It's always a pleasure for me to play against a competitive team like France".

We'll keep you updated if Pau Gasol drops a sick meme on Tony Parker.