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Minutes after losing to Ole Miss, an Alabama WR is already talking trash about Ole Miss

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For the second straight season, Ole Miss upset Alabama. This year it was a shootout with the Rebels winning 43-37 in a wild, back-and-forth game. The loss didn't damper the spirits of all the Crimson Tide players, especially Parker Barrineau.


That tweet was sent roughly 10 minutes after the final whistle. Not only is it trash talking an opponent that just beat you, but it's doing it in record time. Some players were probably still milling about the field shaking hands when that went up.

Alabama corner Cyrus Jones didn't quite go to the level of Barrineau but he did say the Rebels didn't beat Alabama, the Crimson Tide instead "gave them the game."

Barrineau may eventually be proven right, but for right now the only response is: scoreboard.