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Kicker drills referee in the face, makes extra point off a deflection

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When Midland Lee kicker Luis Aranda first connected on this extra point attempt, it didn't have a shot. Plenty of velocity, but it came out way too low. Then a funny thing happened.

It hit the referee right in the face.

That would have been a funny moment on it's own, but thanks to science, the ball deflected right off the referee's head and up through the uprights for a successful extra point try. There was a solid moment of confusion between both teams and the referees as they tried to sort it out. Eventually the try was ruled good.

That goes down as 1-for-1 in the box score, although the referee should at least get an assist or something. It's the least he deserves for getting drilled int he face and having his hat knocked off.

(via @MarshallHughes)