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High school sports experts think this 7-foot, 440-pound lineman might be the biggest football player ever

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Friends, this is what's known in the business as a Very Big Football Player. MaxPreps published a wonderful profile of John Krahn, a 7'0, 440-pound senior from Southern California. Krahn, who has drawn some recruiting eyes at a USA Football camp, says he's trying to trim some weight to become a bit nimbler:

There's no doubt that, right now, Krahn is a raw player. He excels in the weight room, but struggles with his footwork. He is relatively new to the sport, but is working hard to improve.

"I've had minimal experience," Krahn said. "I started in high school, but I've trained my way through, going to different camps."

Krahn told MaxPreps that he's attempting to shed some pounds by adhering to a 3,000-calorie diet comprised mainly of fish and chicken.

"I have to lose weight, for our team," he said.

You can see above that Krahn already has the power to move people on the line -- with some experience and added mobility he could really be a dominant lineman. I will be rooting for him.

(Krahn also says he'd like to become a police officer someday, in which case he might surpass Jusuf Nurkic's dad as World's Hugest Cop.)

You can read more about Krahn in this profile from 2014.

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