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Arizona State mascot leaps aboard back of city councilman, sends him back to the hospital

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Devil attacks government.

Arizona State's mascot, Sparky -- who is a devil, to get that out of the way -- was just trying to have some fun. Sparky saw a man posing for a picture along the Sun Devil Stadium sideline, ran at him full-tilt, and leapt aboard his back.

Unfortunately, that man turned out to be Tempe City councilman David Schapira, who was recovering from recent back surgery.

Schapira, who at the time had been walking with the help of a cane, said he "felt a pop" as the emissary of Satan jumped on top of him, which turned out to be a torn muscle.

Arizona State has offered to cover Schapira's hospital bills. Sparky remains at large.

(via ABC15 Arizona)

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