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Yankees pay tribute to Yogi Berra in solemn pregame ceremony

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Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday night, the New York Yankees played their first game at home since Yankee legend Yogi Berra passed away earlier in the week. The team made sure to pay their respects before the game, to someone who meant so much to the organization over the years.

They started earlier in the day by placing a wreath by his plaque in Monument Park:

During pregame ceremonies, the Yankees laid the No. 8 wreath you see in the top photo behind home plate. Yankees manager Joe Girardi and three of the team's catchers -- Brian McCann, Austin RomineGary Sanchez -- all stood behind home plate to pay tribute to Berra during a moment of silence.

The Yankees also paid tribute to Berry's naval service by playing taps before the game:

You can watch the full tribute here: