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J.J. Watt has his 'mind blown' after shout-out from 'Saved by the Bell' star

Bayside must have had a BYE this week. #SavedByTheBell #ACSlater #WhereIsKellyKapowski

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J.J. Watt is the kind of transcendent football player who has fans from every walk of life. Even former attendees of Bayside High. Watt was thrilled on Sunday to meet Mario Lopez, but he had one question:

Bayside must have had a BYE this week. #SavedByTheBell #ACSlater #WhereIsKellyKapowski

"Where is Kelly Kapowski?" indeed. Well, funny you should ask because -- SHE RESPONDED!

Aside from being bigger, stronger, faster and more athletically gifted than any of us, Watt still gets excited by getting a shoutout.

Slater was always the stereotypical jock on Saved by the Bell, but I think we can find room for Watt on the roster.

watt by the bell

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