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Brazilian soccer ref pulls gun on players during red card dispute

A Brazilian soccer referee is facing disciplinary action for pulling a gun on the field during a red card dispute. Gabriel Murta was officiating an amateur game between Brumadinho and Amantes da Bola when tempers flared on the field following a red card. The referee was reportedly kicked and punched by a player from Amantes da Bola, which led to him brandishing the weapon.

Murta is a police officer by profession according to The Guardian, which explains why he owns a handgun, but not why he had it on the field. A representative from the referee's association in Brazil stated that Muta felt threatened, but an inquiry is underway.

Amateur soccer in Brazil is no stranger to violence. In 2013 a referee was killed and beheaded by fans as retaliation after an altercation with a player led to the referee stabbing the player to death.

h/t The Guardian