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If you mock eSports, Gordon Hayward will find an old picture of you and mock you right back

Utah Jazz guard Gordon Hayward is a noted League of Legends fan. He even once said there was no athlete on earth -- especially LeBron James -- who could beat him. The League of Legends World Championships are about to start, so Hayward is probably looking forward to it.

Fox Sports commentator Colin Cowherd is definitely not looking forward to it. As For the Win noted, Cowherd has gone on record multiple times to inform everyone that he thinks eSports are for "booger eaters" and nerds. Here is what Hayward thought of that.

In League of Legends terms, that was a Faker level burn (don't know who that is? Check out our World Championships beginners guide). Did Hayward know that photo existed and just saved it for the perfect moment? Or did he dive deep into a Google search only to come away with that? Either way, that's one heck of a find.

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