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6 photos of Tom Brady exiting the courtroom after his suspension was overturned, ranked by smugness

STRUTTIN'. But which is struttiest?

1. "Try not to laugh. Try not to laugh in all their faces, Tom."

2. "I wonder what's going through Goodell's head right now?"

3. "When I get home, I'm gonna put all my rings in my mouth and just gargle them for a few minutes."

4. "Oh wow look at that reflection in the car window. I'm still so damn handsome. Wow."

5. "And this was just about the deflated balls. They never even found out about the other stuff. Nerds."


6. "Oh man, I forgot all these regular-ass people were standing all around me."


Postscript: Please compare the above to a scene of Tom Brady *entering* the courtroom.



Just makes the post-courtroom Tom look even smugger.

(All photos: Spencer Platt, Getty Images)

* * *

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