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Nik Stauskas can make 3-pointers with just about anything you have in your house, except with cauliflower

Nik Stauskas is known for his 3-point shooting prowess, and according to the video, basketball is the only sport he's ever played in his life. So what happens when Nik shoots 3-pointers with everything except a basketball?

As for some of the most impressive makes, first was the football. No doubt this had to be difficult.

Next was the cabbage. How do you make a basket with cabbage? I don't know, ask Nik.

My favorite part is the cabbage remnants on the rim.

And then the cauliflower. The kryptonite of Nik Stauskas. The basket he cannot make.

And after shooting baskets with everything in his kitchen, Nik now has a mess to clean up. 

For all the random things Nik shoots at a basketball goal, you can watch the full video above. And honestly, the most important thing about this video is Nik helping awareness for the disease IPF, which has affected Nik's family. You can learn more about the disease and help contribute to Nik's cause here.