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Jessica Mendoza, ESPN's first female baseball announcer, will remain through 2015

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ESPN will keep analyst Jessica Mendoza on the Sunday Night Baseball broadcast for the remainder of the 2015 season, the network announced Friday.

Mendoza, who is ESPN's first female baseball announcer, had been filling in for Curt Schilling since August 23. Schilling was removed from the broadcast last month after posting a meme disparaging Muslims on his Twitter and Facebook pages. Today, the network announced that Schilling has been suspended through the end of the season.

Mendoza, who joined ESPN as an analyst on Baseball Tonight in 2014, was a member of two Olympic medal-winning softball teams, getting gold at Athens in 2004 and silver at Beijing in 2008. She retired from Team USA last year.

She might have a new gig at ESPN, but Mendoza has already proven her mettle: last year, she sampled a mixture of chicken broth and hot chocolate in the name of sports (or at least warmth).


(via ESPN)