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Former soccer star retracts comments accusing RG3's concussion doctor of nearly causing him brain damage

Alecko Eskandarian claims he was treated by Robert Kurtzke 10 years ago, while he was a forward with D.C. United.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

New York Cosmos assistant coach Alecko Eskandarian lashed out Saturday at Robert Kurtzke, the doctor who resigned earlier in the day from his position as the NFL's independent neurologist in the wake of Robert Griffin III concussion treatment controversy.

Eskandarian claims that he was treated 10 years ago by Kurtzke, and that Kurtzke failed to properly treat Eskandarian's Grade 3 concussion at that time. Eskandarian writes that he was cleared for play just days after the concussion and advised to "just keep taking Tylenol," and that he suffered from the effects of the concussion for a year. At the time, Eskandarian was a forward with D.C. United, where he played from 2003 to 2006.

Kurtzke resigned from his position with the NFL following the controversy that has surrounded the treatment of Robert Griffin III, who suffered a concussion last month. Griffin was initially cleared for play by Kurtzke, who then reversed his decision one day later.

Days later, Eskandarian retracted his accusations, realizing he'd made an error: