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Steph Curry is out here doing the Whip and Nae-Nae in the Philippines

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Watch him whip. Watch him nae-nae.

Steph Curry is in the Philippines this week on behalf of his Under Armor corporate overlords, and the dancing machine whipped and nae-nae'd for the crowd.

Chef Curry doing the naenae! @stephencurry30 @underarmourph #UARoadShowManila #StephenCurry #DubsNation #GSW

A video posted by Abigail Encela (@abbyencela) on

"I saw her doing the nae-nae," the host says, apparently in reference to whip/nae-nae artiste Riley Curry.

"She taught me," replies Steph.

No word on whether a court has been painted with Steph Curry's image (yet).

(via CBS Sports)

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