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New Mexico State’s bus robbed outside of stadium during loss to Florida

Starting off the season with a 61-13 loss to Florida is a lousy way to begin the college football seasons. For New Mexico State, that feeling was made insurmountably worse after finding out that its bus was broken into and possessions had been stolen.

Mario Moccia, the director of athletics at New Mexico State, told Las Cruces Sun-News...

"When I got back to the bus after the postgame press conference, I was informed that the bus had been broken into or left unattended," Moccia said. "Everyone had stuff on the bus including myself. There were work laptops, keys, identification stolen but the worst thing was the work that was stolen."

According to the report, Moccia has filed police reports with their university police, as well as the state. Moccia also told Las Cruces that he believes there will be insurance issues with the bus charter company since it was parked on a side street outside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

The athletics director tweeted through the unfortunate incident:

NMSU's travel party did indeed make their flight, per the report. Florida sent a tweet expressing its concern, as well.