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Notre Dame band singer gives Uptown Funk his very best shot

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It takes a ton of courage to get up in front of tens of thousands of people and perform anything, let alone try to be the equal of Bruno Mars. Exhibit A:

The Notre Dame Marching Band played Uptown Funk at halftime, complete with a live singer!

Posted by WNDU on Saturday, September 5, 2015

This is ten thousand times better than I could ever do, but it's also maybe not the best rendition of Uptown Funk ever performed. He, like, doesn't really seem to be trying, but at the same time sounds incredibly strained. This feels like when you were eight years old and your parents forced you to sing in the choir at church, and you'd have rather done literally anything else ever.


  • He got all the words right, we think
  • He... well... he didn't get injured as far as we know
  • They didn't draw a dick on the field
And that's pretty much it.

Again though, I would have started vomiting uncontrollably as soon as the band started playing if I had to do this.