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Stats show LeBron James isn't an All-Star without his accessories

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The NBA season is still a couple long months away. In the meantime, why don't we take a look at something very important: LeBron James' stats from last season -- specifically, how he fared with and without his various head and arm accessories.

@nbaayy took time to generate a nice graphic.

Here are some takeaways:

  • For the most part, LeBron sucks without his trusty headband. He said he ditched it for team unity, but sacrificing winning to make the team happy doesn't make much sense. Embrace your individuality, LeBron.
  • While it appears his free throw percentages skyrocket without any gear at all, free throws only count for one point each. Three-pointers, on the other hand, are cash money — they can even win championships! If the Cavaliers want their star to score more, they gotta make sure he's not playing naked (so to speak).
  • LeBron is best with a headband and arm sleeve combo. Maybe it makes him feel more secure or maybe there are superpowers embedded within the fabric. Although, seeing how well he fares with arm sleeves, it's probably fair to say the real reason he raised such a stink about the newer sleeved jerseys is because they're ugly.
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