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Someone is skywriting anti-Donald Trump messages above the Rose Parade

The Rose Bowl is well underway. Already, we have seen great floats like the Lakers' (featuring the legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar),  as well as the best anthropomorphic wildlife animal float thanks to La Canada.

But someone is trying to upstage the entire Rose Bowl parade! Who would hijack a public sphere and turn a spectacle into an outlandish political platform. Donald Trump—'s opponents.

Above all the Pasadena floats are planes writing anti-Trump slogans.

Although the image is cut off, the writing says "Donald Trump likes to hate anybody."

Parade workers even stopped to read all the anti-Trump slogans above them.

One other sign read, "IOWANS DUMP TRUMP" possibly to distance themselves from his appearance at the Iowa-Iowa State game.

The signs are very direct in their message as evident by the "America is Great, Trump is Disgusting" writing.

They even go so far as to call Trump a fascist dictator.

The aerial campaign above the Rose Parade seems to be brought by the people who own

Happy 2016, Donald Trump!