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Pacman Jones posts profanity-laced rant about refs after Bengals blow playoff game

SB Nation 2016 NFL Playoff Guide

The Cincinnati Bengals lost their AFC Wild Card game to the Pittsburgh Steelers and they really have no one to blame but themselves after committing two late penalties that moved the Steelers closer to field goal range.

This isn't the first time that Pacman Jones has gone to Instagram to voice his frustrations over the Steelers. He also did that during the regular season, saying that they needed to "shut the f*** up and play football." The Bengals lost that game as well. After deleting the original post, Jones posted a slightly toned-down version a few minutes later:

A video posted by @realpacman24 on

This time, Jones was angry because Steelers outside linebackers coach Joey Porter interfered and went into the field while some Bengals players argued with officials.

He made it clear not only in his expletive-filled video rant, but with the post's caption as well:

This BS , so coaching come stand on the field and talk s*** !! Not even a head coach

Why did he take down the original post? Apparently Deion Sanders told him to.

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