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Vikings kicker shanks 27-yard potential game-winner snapped with the laces in

SB Nation 2016 NFL Playoff Guide

This is one of the worst missed field goals you'll see -- ever. The Vikings managed a single decent drive in the second half and set up what should have been a go-ahead 27-yard field goal for Blair Walsh, who made three field goals of longer length during the game.

Lace placement was a core problem for Minnesota throughout the game. Holder Jeff Locke elected to wear gloves that prevented him from placing the ball laces out, which is what kickers prefer. Walsh had nailed one laces-in kick earlier in the game, but this hold at a critical moment could have contributed to the miss being as bad as it was.

Heartbreak in Minnesota for Vikings fans who watched their team control Seattle for much of the game. In the end they couldn't make plays when they counted and now the Seahawks will travel to Carolina to take on the Panthers while Minnesota will watch from home.

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