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The Timberwolves made a video featuring Karl-Anthony Towns and a cat traveling around the world

The Minnesota Timberwolves are trying to get the internet on board with voting Karl-Anthony Towns into the All-Star game. Already, they've done a Shia LaBeouf-style video of Towns watching himself play.

But when it comes to tugging the heart strings of people on the internet, there's only one thing that will always do the trick: CATS. What can be better than KAT hanging out with a cat? Well, now that you mention it, what about Karl-Anthony Towns hanging out with a cat — while traveling all around the world?

Here are just a few places this KAT-cat duo has visited:


My, Karl-Anthony looks rather sophisticated as he stands behind Big Ben and holding an umbrella bearing the Union Jack. All of this screams out tourist, but it also spells out potential All-Star. Make sure your cat doesn't get wet!

A boxing ring?

This isn't what we would exactly call an ideal destination. For one, the background is rather cloudy and it just looks like any other ring. But has Karl-Anthony Towns been practicing some boxing? Is he this generation's two-sport athlete?

North Pole

Do people even visit that place? What are Santa's reindeer doing outside after Christmas? Shouldn't they be resting after working long hours over the holiday. Who cares. CATS.