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Point-Counterpoint: This Flames fan dunked a hot dog in nacho cheese and ate it

Here is Mike Kelly watching his Florida Panthers lose 0-6 to the Calgary Flames on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, behind him two fans sit side by side, one with a plate of nachos and the other with a hot dog. The man with the hot dog reaches over to his companion, dips his hot dog in the nacho cheese and takes a bite.

Is this good?

Point: This is good

by Seth Rosenthal

I would not personally like to dip a hot dog in fake nacho cheese, but I will DEFEND TO THE DEATH this man's right to experiment with hot dogs and cheeses as he pleases. That rhyme was intentional. Nachos exist. Hot dogs exist. Hot dogs with nacho cheese on them exist. But do hot dogs DIPPED in nacho cheese already exist? Is that good? I don't know! No one will ever know unless someone has the courage and ingenuity to try it. Maybe the next step is to pile a bunch of hot dogs on a cookie sheet, grate cheese on top, then put that whole mess in the oven for 20 minutes. Hot dog nachos. I don't know! That's the point. None of us can ever know until a pioneer emerges from among us to brave the most remote culinary frontiers. Whether you support the dipping of the hot dog, to impinge on this sports fan's experimentation is to deny him the very freedom that makes America great. Or Canada or whatever.

Counterpoint: This is bad

by Claire McNear

I consider my affection for nachos to be very serious. And I ask you this: what even is a nacho if you can just put nacho cheese on anything? Cheese is good. Nacho ingredients are good. Together, they are sacred. You can't just go dipping whatever you like into already nacho'd nachos! At the heart of the nacho -- and they do have hearts, believe you me -- is the bed of ingredients, of very specific, if diverse, nacho ingredients, warmed lovingly beneath a blanket of cheese. Yes, your sour creams and guacamoles of the world can go on top, but this is to provide contrast and refreshment. A hot dog provides neither. A hot dog does nothing but defile the nachos. Send this man to an island (Vancouver?) where both hot dogs and nachos can be safe from his clutches.

(via Galaxy91122/Reddit)