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Bill Belichick really doesn't feel like talking about how he got a black eye

On Tuesday, Bill Belichick showed up to a press conference with a mysterious black eye. Even though he made a couple dry jokes about the injury, he never gave an explanation for what happened.

The next day, in a playful nod to his injury, he showed up to the locker room with boxing gloves, possibly to mess with reporters who prepared any questions about his eye:

On Thursday, however, it became apparent that Belichick really didn't want to discuss his eye anymore when he responded to a reporter's question with a terse statement:

Reporter: "How's your eye feeling? How did you hurt it?"

Belichick: "Great."

Reporter: "Better?"

Belichick: "..."

There's still no explanation for the black eye, but at least it's getting better.

(h/t Deadspin)

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