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This Vikings player totally jinxed Blair Walsh's last-second missed field goal

SB Nation 2016 NFL Playoff Guide

So many emotions ran through everyone who watched Blair Walsh's botched field goal on Sunday, from Walsh himselfthe kids who sent him sweet letters of encouragementthe people who thought he made it and the list goes on.

Before the kick, however, NFL's microphones caught reactions from both sides, and it was if the universe decided to play a cruel joke on the Minnesota Vikings (who jinx themselves in the video below), and hand the game to the Seattle Seahawks:

The Vikings' side:

Sharrif Floyd: "Everybody doubted them Vikes, but we out here."

Tom Johnson: [while slapping Floyd's shoulder] "Wait 'til it's over. Let's wait 'til it's over."

Floyd: "We gonna wait 'til it's over, but ... we in there, baby. Let's go!"

The Seahawks' side:

Jermaine Kearse: "What if [Walsh] missed it?"

Doug Baldwin: "He just might."

And the rest is history. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. The Seahawks face the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.