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Von Miller missed Broncos practice because of some movie theater mozzarella sticks

Be careful what you eat.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Von Miller had a cheesy reason for missing Broncos practice this week. Not "cheesy" like "corny," like this failed attempt at humor I am trying to make, but rather "cheesy" as in actual cheese. After being listed on Denver's official injury report with an "illness," Miller told reporters why he sat out. Via ESPN's Jeff Legwold:

"Mozzarella sticks -- you can’t put just regular gas in a Ferrari. I learned that [Wednesday]. I’m back to normal now. I’m ready to go."

Asked if he believed it was the food that made him ill, Miller said: "Yeah, just the fried cheese and the ICEE at the movies. I was contemplating -- it did me bad. I learned my lesson."

Yikes. Indigestion is especially troubling for Miller because the Broncos have a fart tax and he's a frequent offender.

So what movie was Miller seeing, anyway? You might be able to guess.

"I tried to go see 'Star Wars,' tried to sneak in there and go see it and it snuck up on me … yeah, it struck back. The Force struck back."

"The Force struck back." OK, now THAT is cheesy.

I'll see myself out.