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Demaryius Thomas' mom will finally get to see her son play in a Super Bowl

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Demaryius Thomas has been in the NFL for six years. Over this time he's been one of the league's best receivers, caught passes from Peyton Manning and been to a Super Bowl -- but his mother never saw him play in person until this year. While fans will be on the edge of their seats hoping their dreams manifest at the Super Bowl, Katina Smith will have one of hers already come true.

She was on hand to watch him on Jan. 17 for the Broncos' divisional round win over the Steelers in the playoffs.

Smith was released from prison in November of 2015 after serving 15 years of a sentence for playing a role in a cocaine trafficking ring. Despite being free, she still wasn't able to see her son play in person. Instead she waited 60 days in a halfway house in Georgia, which prohibited out-of-state travel. Now her time is up and she can finally make the trip.

It's been a week of firsts for Smith, who got to see her daughter play basketball live for the first time. Thomas' sister, Tyeshia Smith, is a sophomore player for Darton State. That game ended in a win for Darton, and this family, along with Broncos fans everywhere, will hope this week of winning continues.

h/t Denver Post