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Kyle Lowry corrects DeMar DeRozan like he's a Twitter user who saw a grammar mistake

There is a lot going on here and it's all the best.

The Toronto Raptors played the Orlando Magic in London last week. Two days before the game, DeMar DeRozan explained to reporters that this was his third game in London and he was trying to get a win for the first time. Or he tried to explain that.

DeRozan said he was "trying to walk out of here one and three" when he meant one for three. As a point guard, Kyle Lowry is used to assisting his teammates, but he didn't give DeRozan a soft assist. Instead he grilled him. It included a math lesson of what 1 + 2 is. It also included this face as Lowry chided DeRozan about what he said.


Eventually, thanks to a little help, they all settled on the fact DeRozan meant "one for three" not "one and three" but Lowry wasn't done yet. That led to this hilarious exchange.

Lowry: "USC baby."

DeRozan: "I didn't even go to college that long."

The exchange ended with smiles and an important life lesson. Always use spell check before you send anything to Kyle Lowry because he's definitely texting back "*you're" if you are wrong.