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This 5-year-old White Sox fan needed a kidney and a Cubs fan stepped up

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The Cubs and White Sox have always had a long, heated rivalry, especially among their fans -- but sometimes things are bigger than baseball. Chicago Tribune's Red Eye has a story up about a 5-year-old White Sox fan named Drew Duszynski who recently got a kidney transplant thanks to 35-year-old Cubs fan Chris White.

Duszynski was diagnosed with a kidney disease after birth, which, alongside receiving constant treatment, had prevented him from participating in sports. Word of mouth about Duszynski eventually reached White, who was inspired to help after his wife made an organ donation to her father.

Andy Frye of Red Eye talked with White about what it was like to meet the 5-year-old:

So when hearing about the opportunity to help someone else, in this case a child who was approximately the same age as his son, Jack, "it was for me a no-brainer," White said.

"I first met Drew at a Bulls game two weeks before Dec. 14, our op [surgery] date," White said. He observed Drew as "just a 5-year-old. Active and a little rambunctious, he was talking up the players and keeping tabs of the Bulls' score, every second."

Both White and Duszynski are doing great after the surgery, and White has joked that he hopes his help will convert him into a Cubs fan. The Cubs-White Sox rivalry is still alive and well, but it pales in comparison to helping a child in need.

You can read more at Red Eye.