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Danny Kanell wore a dumb sweater and Twitter hurt his feelings

Danny Kanell got dressed in the dark on Saturday, probably.

It's fine to wear your grandpa's favorite sweater on TV, but just understand you're going to get made fun of. Especially when a website like Twitter exists to make it easy to do, and double especially when you've occasionally been a dick to people on said website. Don't get your feelings hurt.

What a vicious own, Dan Dan. "Look at these suckers sitting comfortably at home and not working on a Saturday. Sucks to be them."

Sorry, if you're going to be a buttmunch about it, people get to roast you twice as hard. Here we go.

Perhaps the most vicious own of all:

All that matters is you like it though, Danny! We're happy for you and your stupid sweater.

* * *

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