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The Panthers' field looks beautiful ... because it's painted dirt

The Carolina Panthers' field is a hot mess. The Belk Bowl, followed by an NFL game, followed by heavy rain turned the Bank of America Stadium turf into a mud pit. Players were slipping on the field at the start of Panthers vs. Seahawks, and significant work needed to take place to get the field ready -- but there was no time.

Instead the Panthers did what they could.

The field will look nice and verdant, but if you look at McHenry's tweet above you can see the dramatic difference between the field of play and the sidelines. This is because of the paint the team applied this week.

Bad? It gets worse. The blizzard that struck the East Coast dropped a surprising amount of snow on Charlotte, meaning the ailing field needed to be covered with tarps. That snow didn't start melting until mid-morning.

So if you thought the field was bad for the NFC Divisional Playoffs, then you haven't seen anything yet.

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SB Nation presents: The field for the Panthers-Seahawks game was a disaster last week

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