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Crying Jordan was the real winner of the AFC Championship

As soon as the Patriots looked vulnerable in the AFC championship game, aspiring sportswriters and enterprising retweet fiends began working on Tom Brady x Crying Jordan photoshops. This is how the Internet works now, or really how it's worked for a while just now the timeline is sped up so fast it's instantaneous.

Anyway, when the Patriots lost, Twitter turned into a sea of Crying Jordan memes. Let's enjoy them!

1. The standard Crying Jordan.

2. The standard, with a little extra

3. The "Even Big Boi is tweeting these now"

4. The high-five fail

5. The logo transformation

6. The dang Courtroom Tom Brady x Crying Jordan meme collision

If there's a lesson in all of this, it's one we take from Michael Jordan's own son:

Memes are good.