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Denver's Aqib Talib celebrates AFC Championship by trashing the Chiefs, who didn't even play

After topping New England 20-18 to advance to the Super Bowl, Aqib Talib and the Broncos were feeling very good. Celebrating a win against the defending Super Bowl champs might be enough for some, but Talib also managed to get a shot in at the rival Kansas City Chiefs in the process.

The Chiefs saw their 11-game winning streak and season end last week with a loss to the Patriots. The Kansas City defense struggled to contain Tom Brady and the New England passing attack. Talib made it very clear he didn't pull any tips from how the Chiefs played New England.

"We ain't look at nothing the Chiefs did — they got served," Talib said, via The Kansas City Star. "The Chiefs ain't help us do nothing. They sorry."

There is no love lost between the Chiefs and Broncos and that extends to the fan bases. Talib trashing the Chiefs — who will be watching the Super Bowl from home — had to be the cherry on top of the AFC Championship for Denver fans.

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