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A Panthers safety had to leave the NFC Championship because his eyeball was flapping

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When you get laser eye surgery (LASIK), the doctor cuts and lifts aside a thin flap on the front of your eyeball so as to access the inner goo of the cornea and reshape it with a laser. Then the flap is laid gently back into place, you heal up, and you can see great forever! Some people -- very few -- have complications with that flap. One of those people is Roman Harper of the Panthers. Via Jonathan Jones of the Charlotte Observer:

Free safety Harper took a shot from linebacker Luke Kuechly early in the second quarter and did not return to the game.

"The flap on my cornea shifted so I couldn't see out of my eye," Harper said after the game, making a vague reference to his Lasik eye surgery that also didn't help matters in this case.

Harper, speaking more than 30 minutes after the end of the game, said he had just started being able to see out of his right eye.

"I took some medicine and got it cleared up," said Harper, who was scheduled to meet with an eye doctor. "I'll be all right. We've got two weeks to get this team ready."

So, first of all, it sounds like Harper is and will be fine.


... but as I understand it, Harper got hit so hard, or perhaps in exactly the wrong way -- by his own teammate, no less -- that his eyeball started flapping.


... but he's fine. Truly. And LASIK really does seem very good and perpetually safe for everyone who gets it.


* * *

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