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Anthony Rizzo secretly videobombed Flo Rida at WWE Raw

Hey look everyone, it's critically acclaimed artist Flo Rida attending a taping of WWE Raw in Miami. Of course, you know who he is. If you don't, allow commentator Michael Cole to run down his list of accomplishments while the camera zooms in on him.

But wait, who is that weird fan looking super stoked to be there, even if the cameras are on him directly? It's two-time All-Star Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs. Surely WWE will put some focus on him. After all, wrestling is like sports and a baseball player definitely fulfills the sports criteria? No? They're not going to? Oh well.

At least Rizzo is in on the joke, based on this tweet during the event. Or maybe he's just really stoked that someone was able to recognize him from just a few seconds of footage.