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These minor league hockey Garfield vs. Odie uniforms are rock bottom in promotional jerseys

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Minor league hockey teams Indy Fuel and Evansville IceMen will be wearing Garfield-themed jerseys for their upcoming matchup. The Fuel will don the titular cat while the IceMen get stuck with Odie the dog:

If you look closely, you can see that back sides have tails at the bottom. It's a nice touch -- and Odie's tail will make the IceMen look like they're wearing buttcracks -- but I need to get something off my chest.

I can understand why a couple minor league hockey teams would subject themselves to wearing Jim Davis' famous creations. It's simply Indiana pride and that is something I can respect. If the Chicago Wolves wore Steve Urkel-themed jerseys, I would back that 100 percent. That being said, I cannot support these Garfield jerseys and it's not because I'm a Chicago kid who abhors anything related to Indiana (I don't.) I simply do not like Garfield.

At one point in my childhood, I did. I used to watch Garfield and Friends growing up. I used to laugh about the fact that a cat loved eating lasagna. I thought Odie was adorable. But I'm older now, and the more I compare my past experiences with Garfield with current Garfield, the more ashamed I feel that I used to like it. Part of the blame can be laid onto Garfield Minus Garfield, a remixed version of Garfield that reveals, if Garfield doesn't exist, Jon Arbuckle's life is a lot sadder. But most of the blame can be laid onto the official Garfield Twitter account, a cesspool of the worst jokes your older relatives would post on Facebook. Along with terrible Minions memes, there's Garfield, spending almost every day wasting precious internet space with absolutely meaningless tweets.

And this Jon Stewart tweet -- WHY?

Again, I respect Indiana's love for Garfield -- someone HAS to love that cat -- but Garfield is not the same cat I once knew. Or maybe Garfield was always this lame and I never realized it until recently.

Have fun with those jerseys, guys.