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Carolina owner Jerry Richardson chartered flights to send every Panthers employee to Super Bowl 50

The Carolina Panthers are headed to face the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 and they will have quite the cheering section. Beyond all of the Panthers fans who may attend the game, every Panthers employee also will be in attendance thanks to owner Jerry Richardson.

That is no small gesture either. NFL teams have massive support staffs. The Golden State Warriors did a similar thing for the NBA Finals last season, and it resulted in the team booking 155 hotel rooms in Cleveland just to house all of the employees.

Making the Super Bowl is a great experience for the players and coaches involved. It's also a great accomplishment for everyone else in the organization who helps keep the team running smoothly and in some cases even helps build the roster. Getting to watch the game in person is a very cool reward and a wonderful gesture by Richardson.

Definitely an experience none of these employees will ever forget.