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Rutgers commits the saddest turnover by forgetting a missed free throw was a live ball

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Rutgers trailed Michigan 65-57 when the Wolverines' Zak Irvin stepped to the free-throw line with 45 seconds to play. Barring a miracle comeback, the game was wrapped up. If Rutgers had a chance, accidentally throwing the ball out of bounds because you forgot the game wasn't in the double bonus yet certainly didn't help.

Most teams are in the double bonus with less than a minute to play in the game, but Rutgers had only committed eight fouls at that point. Rutgers' Greg Lewis casually grabbed the rebound and tried to toss it to the referee for the second free throw of the double bonus. Whoops. While Lewis gets credit for the turnover, he didn't get any help from teammates, all of whom stood around like they thought it was the double bonus.

In the grand scheme of things, this play probably didn't make a difference in the ultimate outcome. But, it did come just a day after Virginia erased a seven-point deficit with 20 seconds left to win.

You know it's been rough times for Rutgers when this isn't event the biggest blunder in recent months. Spiking the ball on fourth down to lose still claims that title.