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Brian Urlacher's head is full of luscious hair now

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On Tuesday, former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher appeared on Chicago's WGN Morning News to make a special announcement: he has hair.

Urlacher says he kept his hair a secret for as long as he could because he "wore a hat everywhere [he] went for a year." At first, he wasn't sure about having hair in the first place, because he "hadn't seen [himself] with hair since probably high school, maybe college," but now looking at himself bald gives him pause. He also had this funny anecdote:

"I know I look a little better because I was going to a fancy restaurant one day, and I had my hat off by accident. I was getting food and this girl goes, 'You look like Brian Urlacher, but he's a lot ... older-looking than you' -- this was when I had hair -- she goes, 'He looks a lot older than you.' I was like, ' You're right, thank you.' So basically, she was telling me I look kinda young."

And you know what? Good for him! He really looks like he loves the new hair. Does it feel strange to see him with hair? Kind of, mostly because his baldness has been the thing Bears fans strongly associate with him. The nice thing is, if he ever wants to bring back memories for Bears fans, he could always shave the hair.

Here's Urlacher doing an infomercial for the product that gave him his new hair:

Later, Urlacher called into The Dan Patrick Show about his hair, and when the Football Hall of Fame came up, Urlacher hinted that his bust would not have his new hairdo:

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