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Local news station gets pretty much everything wrong in College Football Playoff graphic

If you ever work in television, make sure you double-check everything in a graphic before you show it to your viewers. Let's count how many mistakes are in KCTV5's graphic for the College Football Playoff national championship game:

1. That is not Clemson's logo. That's the logo for Fort Hays State University, which would probably love to play in the national championship game, even by graphical accidents.

2. Alabama and Clemson aren't playing in the Fiesta Bowl. That bowl game was last Friday, y'all.

3. KCTV5 probably could've added "FOOTBALL" between "COLLEGE" and "PLAYOFF," which is an omission that will likely bother college football fans and the College Football Playoff™ committee.

Okay, not everything is wrong in that graphic -- for one, the records are right, and Alabama's logo is right. That non-Clemson logo still pretty bad, though. On the bright side, it could've been worse: KCTV5 could've chosen the "Pittsburg Steelers" over Notre Dame earlier in the season.

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