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Cool Tennis Guy Jack Sock corrected an umpire to give Lleyton Hewitt the point he deserved

Here's a way to endear yourself to Australians! Facing Aussie legend Lleyton Hewitt at the Hopman Cup in Perth, American tennis player Jack Sock admirably snitched on himself to the benefit of his opponent. In an important first-set game, Hewitt got called for a fault on a close first serve up the line, and was preparing his second serve when Sock interrupted: "That was in if you want to challenge it."


Wait what?


For real?


Yeah, whatever!


The chair umpire called the serve a fault, but Sock had a good look at it and knew it was in, so he encouraged Hewitt to challenge. Hewitt, slightly dismayed, did exactly that, and lo and behold, it caught the line.

Hewitt went on to win the game, the set, and indeed the whole match, but Sock won my heart, and that's what really matters. (Note: that is not what really matters.)

(via The Guardian)

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