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Man names his daughter 'Arsenal' backwards without telling his wife FOR TWO YEARS

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An Australian man used the occasion of his daughter's birth to advance a bit of Gunner pride: without explaining its meaning to his poor, trusting wife, he suggested naming their daughter "Lanesra," or "Arsenal" backwards.

Two years on, he broke the news, and judging from his wife's note does not, bizarrely, seem to have been immediately divorced.

Interesting technique! Other enterprising fans might consider the pseudo-Nordic Erif, the warlockian Zzaj or Yxalag, or -- for the twins -- Stem and Sten. I'm partial to Snoil, myself. Or, perhaps: SLAYOR.

Apparently, this is not the first time a Lanesra has graced the Earth.

Are they all referring to the same person? Perhaps! But, well, knowing Arsenal fans ...

(via Telegraph)

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