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Nick Saban's daughter did not like his dinosaur dance moves at all

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Last weekend, Alabama coach Nick Saban caused a ruckus in the sports world when this video of him dancing after the Cotton Bowl made its rounds on social media:

There are two things that made that video special: 1) It's Nick Saban dancing and 2) He looked a lot like a dinosaur bouncing up and down. It blew up to the point that, within 48 hours of that video dropping, Alabama's band paid homage to Saban's dinosaur dance.

But how does Saban himself feel about all this? In an interview with, Saban revealed he had a reluctance to dance, yet he did it anyway, to the dismay of his daughter:

Saban got a bad review regarding his dancing from his daughter, Kristen.

"I really didn't want to dance," a smiling Saban said. "I really do have some moves. I didn't want to let them all out. I really was criticized pretty harshly by Kristen, who has seen me dance before and knows I can be better. She thought my effort was not real good."

And she's right -- in 2014, Saban blessed the Internet with footage of him doing the Electric Slide:

Saban's dancing may not be "good" by his daughter's standards -- or anyone's standards, really -- but that doesn't mean he should stop. He should always "Walk the Dinosaur":

#pressplay Is ... is that Nick Saban dancing?? #cottonbowl #rolltide

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