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Kevin Durant gave a 5-year-old cancer survivor his Christmas Day game shoes

Kevin Durant always knows how to make a young fan's day. At Monday's game between the Thunder and Kings, there was a 5-year-old boy named Keaton Barron holding up a sign outlining three goals for 2016, two of which were already checked off: "beat cancer" and "plan trip to Disney." The third, "Meet KD," was not checked off; however, Durant spotted that sign and, at halftime, he approached the fan, autographed his sign, and gave him the shoes he wore for the Thunder-Bulls Christmas Day game:

Keaton Barron was diagnosed with leukemia in August 2012, and in spite of the pain of chemotherapy, he never stopped cheering on the Thunder. According to, Barron was "deemed cancer-free" on December 27, after going through one more round of chemotherapy; the Thunder-Kings game was a way for the family to celebrate the news. Even though Durant's Christmas Day shoes are way too big for his feet, Barron has a new goal for the future:

His parents want to put Durant's size-18s in a protective glass case, but Keaton, who currently wears 2½s, has other ideas. "I want to wear them when I get bigger," Keaton told his parents.