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Browns fan perfectly captures Cleveland's barrel-bottom expectations for 2016 in parody video

The NFL regular season is over. The suffering is over for Cleveland Browns fans. Or rather, it's merely on hiatus, as there's probably no Browns fan who is eagerly looking forward to next season.

Cleveland comedian Mike Polk Jr. -- the genius behind the "Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video" and its sequel -- made a parody video promoting next season's Browns tickets. Like his previous efforts, he did not hold back his feelings about the 2015 season -- "Not everything went exactly as planned, but no one can deny that it was 16 games long! Complete season!" -- and he gave some brutally straightforward expectations for 2016. Such as:

  • "[W]e have no idea who our general manager, coach or quarterback will be!"
  • "What playmaker will we select with our very high draft pick?" [screen says "NONE OF THEM"]
  • "What sort of monkeyshines is [Johnny Manziel] going to get into next year? We don't know, but it'll probably involve a hot tub and a handgun."
Fun times in Cleveland, indeed.

(h/t Deadspin)

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