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Drake showed up at a Pepperdine game and did the Hotline Bling dance

If there are sports being played, Drake will show up and dance.

Drake sighting at the Pepperdine game on Thursday night!

That can only mean one thing ...

That time when @champagnepapi was on attending a #WCChoops game... #Drake #HotlineBling #Pepperdine

A video posted by West Coast Conference (@wccsports) on

Two things about this: (1) Drake is a good sport about doing the dance everywhere he goes now and (2) Note the announcer's commitment to seamless play-by-play during the cutaway.

But why was Drake at a random college basketball game? He was there to support a friend.

"One of the greatest people in my life plays for this team, man, so it's only right that I let you know, go waves."
Yup, the Waves have a new super fan.

Go Waves!

(via the No. 1 news source for Pepperdine x Drake news: @AlyshaTsuji)