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Andre Iguodala delivered the perfect behind-the-back pass to Steph Curry, who was on the bench

If only Steph was in the game!

The NBA is back—kind of! It is only the preseason after all, but the first game of the brand new year pitted the new-look Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors.

The Warriors look as scary as ever with the addition of Kevin Durant. Just look at the starting lineup. That could very well be the starting squad for the All-Star Game in New Orleans this season.

But just because it’s the preseason doesn’t mean that they’re going to take it easy. Take Andre Iguodala, for instance. Iggy is balling so hard already he’s throwing behind-the-back passes. The only problem is that Steph Curry was on the bench. Still, this is impressive!

(Steph didn’t make the shot from the bench smh.)