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Kelly Macnamara is North Penn High’s 1st female kicker, and she can HIT

Watching a kicker lay wood is a singular joy in sports. It’s rare to see, in all ranks of football. Most of the time you’ll see a flailing arm tackle, or a simple shove attempt — but North Penn’s Kelly Macnamara blew up an opposing kick returner who dared to enter her space.

Macnamara is the first female kicker in North Penn High School history. After hearing the team’s varsity kicker graduated she decided to go out for the job — and nailed it. Macnamara had never played football before, but was confident in her leg strength from years of playing soccer. The last thing she wanted was special treatment when she joined the team. Macnamara wanted her merits to stand on their own.

“I’m still doing everything every sophomore does. I carry in the water bottles, I clean them, I take all the balls and put them away.”

The team is rolling. The North Penn Knights are 7-0 this season, while Macnamara is the fourth ranked kicker in the state of Pennsylvania, according to Max Preps. Her teammates went wild when she destroyed the kick returner who dared tried to run it back.